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This brand-marketing approach, which extends the identity of the movie past a single stand-alone poster, is a strategy that movie studios still use today. A campaign for a movie will now be distributed across a range of print and online channels, from online review sites to bus wraps. At Posterlounge you can buy great movie posters and dream of distant worlds.

Movie poster

Compared to the horror or sci-fi genres (below), drama posters are less likely to morph into one another and as a result are often an opportunity for poster designers to get really creative. The horror genre has produced some of the most iconic movie poster designs of all time, from Ridley Scott’s Alien (1979) to Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining (1980). Perhaps this is because horror-themed posters are often extremely memorable and impactful (as well as terrifying!). Science fiction is one of the most definable genres in terms of poster design.

Bright, eye-popping colors on typography, graphics, and costumes can help a viewer feel optimistic about the movie. Pastel colors are still the standard for romantic comedies, while 1970s-inspired palettes of yellow and orange seem to be popular across the board. Movie posters for action and thriller flicks are all about replicating the feeling of rushing adrenalin.

Publishing software like Adobe InDesign or Affinity Publisher give you more balanced control over both typography and images, and allow you to easily adapt your poster design to different page sizes. Since 1999, Europosters has been one of the top sellers of posters, wall art prints and licensed merchandise gifts in the Czech Republic and throughout Europe too. We offer a huge selection of movie, game or sports posters of all sizes as well as wide range of original gifts for true fans of Star Wars, Harry Potter, comics or the whole Warner Bros family. We know that mugs, figurines, puzzles and clothes are the best gift for everyone, regardless of age or interest.

  • It offers a very extensive and daily updated archive of images, categorized in the best way possible.
  • Bright, eye-popping colors on typography, graphics, and costumes can help a viewer feel optimistic about the movie.
  • Browse through our hand-picked movie posters and discover the latest hits and most iconic designs.
  • You can simply add one of our frames to your order via the product page and receive your movie poster beautifully framed and ready to hang.

You can create a sense of urgency and energy by focussing on the impact of movement and color in your poster design. While this might sound plagiaristic, this consistent copying of individual design elements leads to an identifiable look for a particular movie genre, allowing studios to target audiences more effectively. Did you know that during the communist-era a lot of surreal movie posters were created in Poland, as an alternative to banned U.S. publicity material? Silhouetted figures and ghostly shapes in doorways or windows also help to reinforce the mysterious effect. Character photographs are often the focal point of comedy posters, with laughing or knowing facial expressions helping to give audiences a sense of the comedic mood of the film. Of course, the poster design and the overall brand identity play a huge role in ensuring the success of the movie marketing campaign.

Go Out of Africa or reminisce about the greatest love stories of all time with Gone with the Wind. Just for fun revisit silent black and white films and laugh with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy or enjoy some nostalgic slapstick with Charlie Chaplin – great value movie posters of your favourite flicks make it possible. Movie posters often use deliberate visual signifiers to indicate to a viewer the genre and mood of the movie. These visual signifiers ensure the right audience for the movie will be targeted. For example, if a viewer enjoyed watching a romantic comedy, they are more likely to watch a different movie which has a poster with similarities to the poster of the original movie. These visual similarities group into poster genres, such as horror, sci-fi, thrillers, and action movies.

Below is IndieWire’s full collection of the best film and television posters of 2021. Images should have a feeling of movement and dynamism to make the design feel immersive, as if the characters were about to leap out from the page. We provide a certificate of authenticity with each over $100 USD.

The humble movie poster is one of the oldest and most effective promotional tools for movie studios. Whether you’re looking to emulate your favorite movie poster design or learn more about how to make a movie poster, consider this your ultimate guide to the anatomy of movie poster design. Our movie posters in popular formats are perfect for framing but can also be attached to the wall with poster strips or using adhesive putty. You can simply add one of our frames to your order via the product page and receive your movie poster beautifully framed and ready to hang. No matter how you want to put your movie poster on the wall, it will accompany you and remind you for time to come of all those great movies you enjoyed with friends, or the cult film of the year.

Sure, there will always be examples of bad movie poster design, but these are always outshone by some of the amazing movie poster designs released by designers and studios (see below for movie poster design inspiration). As long as a film poster design features most of the functional elements listed above, designers can be as creative and innovative as they like with the movie poster layout. During the 1960s, hand-drawn illustrations of movie stars were a common poster style, with photography becoming more widely used in the 1970s. By the 1980s, imagery filled the whole of the available layout space, with movie titles often added to the bottom of posters, seemingly as an afterthought.

Often set in space or dystopian futures, classic sci-fi films like Blade Runner and Terminator set the tone for minimalist movie poster design in the 1980s. Designing a poster for a drama movie is an exercise in recreating the emotional mood of the film as a 2D image, which might reference the cinematography or characters. Atmospheric designs can be achieved by using immersive, dramatic photography taken from a film still or emotional character portraits.

Experiment with glow and other light effects on your designs to create atmospheric lighting which imitates the luminosity of machinery or stars. There have been many kinds of print materials used to promote the film in the theaters. When you make a donation, you’ll be given access to the features described below for a full year.


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