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construction accounting deskbook, how to post invocies

A formal source selection plan is not required for S&T source selections. However, when no formal plan is prepared, all information required by AFFARS Appendix BB must be addressed and documented in the acquisition plan, or other file documentation. In addition, before the solicitation is released, the SSA must approve the evaluation criteria, the relative importance of all evaluation criteria, and the rating system to be used in evaluating proposals. Conducting an in-depth review and evaluation of performance data provided by offerors and obtained from other sources to determine how closely the work performed relates to the evaluation factors and subfactors being assessed, including price/cost.

  • The COR is forward deployed to manage the actual work in the Middle East.
  • The solicitation is for an FMS requirement and issued in advance of a firm and funded requirement, including Letter of Acceptance.
  • DD Form 1547s shall be prepared and reported using the current version of the profit weighted guidelines desktop computer software editor and J010 conversion programs.
  • An AFMC Form 34, Source List, may be used for competitive procurements in excess of $10,000.
  • They will only provide funds to the continuing resolution expiration date.
  • Each field activity shall establish procedures and responsibilities for local review boards.

Use the individual contract value to determine the value of the contract action for clearance for awards resulting from A&E, BAA, PRDA, SBIR, and STTR solicitations. If prior legal review has been obtained, and if other than administrative changes are made to the contract document during the contract execution process, resubmit for legal review. One-time-use provisions/clauses are not prescribed in the FAR or supplements for repetitive use nor, in fact, used repetitively. If one-time-use provisions/clauses are used repeatedly, they must be submitted for approval under the procedures for multiple-use language. This AFMCAC supersedes interim policy notices 97-4, 97-5, 98-1, 98-2, 98-3, 98-4 and 98-9.


BB-314 When award is made to an offeror with a good, demonstrated performance record, the SSDD shall reflect that fact in its supporting rationale for the selection. Whenever award without discussions in the face of identified ENs occurs, the SSDD must include the rationale for not conducting discussions. Cite specific examples, trend analyses, and overall judgments in support of each performance risk assessment .

construction accounting deskbook, how to post invocies

BAAs may include the Government funding estimate, level of effort estimate, or contemplated performance period. The authority to approve the use of incremental funding for fixed-price base service or hazardous/toxic waste remediation contracts is delegated to the SCCO. Since the AFRB membership is identified in the award fee plan, the FDO approves the AFRB membership when the award fee plan is approved. FDO. For PEO/DAC Programs, the PEO or DAC for the program is the FDO, unless otherwise appointed.

How to Audit Cash

The Government may provide travel to and from overseas work sites via Air Mobility Command flights, if available. AMC travel fees may be Contractor-paid and invoiced to the Government. The Government will be responsible for obtaining travel clearances and issuance of any required special orders.

construction accounting deskbook, how to post invocies

Us in time for us to include in our analysis of contracting actions. The technical evaluation must include a narrative assessment of each proposal which provides the rationale for the technical score. If at any level of the criteria, an offeror’s proposal is evaluated as failing to meet a minimum requirement, this fact must be included in the narrative assessment. The technical team chief will approve the technical evaluation report and send the report to the SSA to make the source selection decision.


The PRAG consists of Government personnel who have broad acquisition experience. Each AFMC field activity is responsible for determining the appropriate membership and structure of the PRAG, relative to the size, nature, and complexity of the acquisition. Data on the offeror’s performance may be obtained from a variety of sources. Where applicable, get program and contract information in the AFMC Contractor Performance Assessment Report System from the field activity CPAR focal point. Copies of CPARs used by the PRAG to support their ratings are to be filed with other source selection records. Information on programs and contracts outside the CPAR system and information on contractors not within the CPAR data base may be obtained from questionnaires or interviews, or other past performance assessment systems established by contracting activities outside AFMC.

Assessing performance risk with respect to cost or price and specific criteria. „Most Probable Cost “ means the Government estimate of the total cost most likely to be incurred if a contract is awarded. In addition to specific contract acquisition cost, this estimate should include any other Government cost expected to be incurred. Some examples include Government furnished property, Government furnished facilities, or cost of transportation.

Audit Conclusions and Reporting

The intent of the proposal shall be to provide sufficient data to support a decision to select a qualified Contractor and to award the contract. The offeror shall assume that the evaluation team has no previous knowledge of its management and experience, and that it will base its evaluation on the information presented in the proposal. Offerors are advised to submit a technical proposal which is clear and comprehensive without additional explanation or information.

  • The Government reserves the right to discontinue maintenance services by giving the Contractor 30 days prior written notice or a shorter notice when agreed to by the Contractor.
  • As a DoS CO, I don’t consider the demobilization complete until the employee has been relocated and their property shipped.
  • The Contractor shall not proceed with changed tasks until or unless such changes are contractually incorporated pursuant to the „Changes“ clause of the contract.
  • If prior legal review has been obtained, and if other than administrative changes are made to the contract document during the contract execution process, resubmit for legal review.
  • We supply business forms for most any type of business service you would need including the envelopes.

Revisions to the above documents shall also be incorporated into the contract by modification upon request by the Prime Provisioning Activity. An unproven source is an offeror who has not previously satisfactorily provided the identical item to the Government and who proposes to provide an item manufactured by other than the prime manufacturer or the prime manufacturer’s vendor . A proven source is an offeror who has previously satisfactorily provided the identical item to the Government or who proposes to provide an item manufactured by the prime manufacturer or the prime manufacturer’s vendor .

Income Statement: Accounting and Reporting

You can also sign up for email updates on the SEC open data program, including best practices that make it more efficient to download data, and enhancements that may impact scripted downloading processes. The ability of factors to collect on the invoices that have been assigned to them by their clients is protected by the Florida Uniform Commercial Code. The code provides that once a debtor is notified that the company to which it owes money has assigned the right to receive the funds to the factor, the debtor must remit their payments directly to the factor. If they instead pay the factor’s client, they will be required to pay the factor again for the same invoice that it paid to the client. The owner, at the start of the arbitration, never objected to the arbitrator’s jurisdiction to rule on whether the contractor’s unlicensed status at the time of contract prevented it from enforcing the contract and the construction lien.

construction accounting deskbook, how to post invocies


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