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Finding Motivation for Addiction Recovery Motivational Enhancement

Maybe it was filled with adventure and carefree days with friends who understood you or maybe you felt like you belonged in that world and not in the new one you are living. Recovery is a huge life change and life can often feel duller as you begin to recover. You may feel like you are stuck in the same routines, have less friends than you used to, or are struggling to find a purpose. The importance of motivation in recovery is often built by finding the internal strength to want to recover. All around you, you may be getting feedback from friends, family, doctors, and peers telling you why you have to recover, but this journey is yours to make and ultimately rests on you. It begins with you building your internal motivation to want to recover for no one else besides yourself.

What are the three P’s of sobriety?

3 “P's” for Recovery: Passion, Power and Purpose.

A lot of people insist that the only way to participate and benefit from a community is to be physically involved in person. But we live in a post-covid world where online communities are thriving now more than ever before. Reddit, Discord, and Zoom all provide excellent motivation for sobriety platforms for communities to gather and support each other. And again, it doesn’t necessarily need to be related to recovery. It could be a book club or a group of car enthusiasts—something constructive that you can look forward to and build relationships with people.

What Is Inspiration?

You will start to feel better about yourself and grow physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Self-care activities that can boost your overall well-being include yoga, jogging, and other exercises. You can also start daily meditation or take time out of each day to read an inspirational book. Life can get busy, but it’s important to focus on healing, especially during recovery. When someone with substance use disorder becomes sober or first gets out of rehab, there’s a lot of excitement even when they know there is a hard road in front of them. It is exciting to change your life, even if it can seem a bit scary at the time.

Although you may have gotten substance abuse treatment and are… When you start your recovery with unrealistic or unreasonable expectations, you are bound to be disappointed. You didn’t destroy your life overnight, so you’re not going to be able to clean it up overnight, either. You took a meaningful step by putting down the substance, but there is still much work to be done. All your reasons for being sober are valid and will help you stay committed, but it’s important to remain diligent. When life gets hard, you will need to stay focused on what you want.

Find Motivation to Get Sober with the Help of Recovery Ranch PA

Recovery from addiction is a long journey — a life-long journey, really. Making the decision to enter a recovery program to reclaim your life is the first important step. There are several steps to follow, each with its own challenge. Having been on both sides of active addition, both the person using, and the person affected by a loved one using drugs and alcohol, Lucas has been involved in recovery since 2009. In 2020, the opportunity presented to join in and start Illuminate Recovery. Understanding the importance of personalized treatment plans and the complex nature between substance abuse and co-occurring disorders, has helped Illuminate Recovery build a strong curriculum and a phenomenal staff.

  • However, our focus group participants suggested that over time, and when coming from trusted peers, they may be more receptive to accepting the validity of potential harm.
  • This peer dynamic may be even more prevalent for recovering persons who live together in one household.
  • When you reach out for support from others, you can get advice and outside opinions that you may not have thought of on your own.
  • In terms of support for recovery, the SLH family can often provide more than actual families.

Suppose you’re feeling unmotivated or struggling to stay on the path to recovery. When this inevitably happens, you can always watch a video or read an article from a recovering addict to find common ground and inspiration so that you can overcome that feeling of being alone in your fight. The main reason this aspect plays such a significant part in the recovery journeys of any recovering addict is that it helps fuel the change that must take place before other measures are set. Having the right mindset and drive is responsible for ensuring that every stage of recovery goes according to plan.

Recovery Motivation

In addition, talking about addiction allows those suffering from SUDs to verbalize their struggles, preventing relapse triggers from taking over their thoughts and actions. The more open the conversation about addiction is among family members, the more likely individuals will remain successful throughout their journey toward sobriety. Without motivation, you will stay in the same place or go back to where you were in your addiction. Changes are necessary so that you can learn how to live sober and find coping mechanisms to keep you inspired in your recovery. Once you are motivated to change, you will see the differences all around.

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